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This webspace contains reflections and contributions on #grid stability, #batterypack safety, #dcgrid systems - longlived simple style architecture that people can understand and maintain by themselves already on very low level of education and with very simple means.


The idea is of completing (more than competing with) and embedding the widespread idea of a smart future. As an analog backup and redundancy. Also conceptually addressing the 3-5 Billion People that are usually neglected by modern engineering and product design.


SMART contains the publications with the year of release


LIFE contains some related videos on keeping level with ai


Artwork and Design

Everything you find here is now just labeled a work of Art and Design. It is a dedication to a longtime job, that I loved.  Seven years of being the last humanressource in the Project of the late Joachim Dorfmüller (1935-2018). Nothing here is peer-reviewed and there are many minor and major blunders, that I will not point out in a long list of regret nor correct. And still: there is something in these works that's missing in the markets. I so much enjoyed and loved to be present during the process of its creation!


Smartmat - Short Discription
Same as slides to the left plus more pages of explanation.
Short Desription.pdf
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Plugbox - Short Discription
Same as slides to the left plus more pages of explanation.
Plugbox - Short Description 02.pdf
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Philosophy - includes slides of explanation: Smartmat & Plugbox

History - includes rare slides of information: transition of energy


Simplicity in basics - cutting edge in specials. Providing an analog backup for the digital-omnipresent. Embedding the futuristic smart city dreams by leveling up life on the land. Blending highest level permaculture and digital nomadism. Giving the original richnesses their proper value: clean air, fresh water, furtile soil, new energy, bees&birds, trees, children and education. Empowerment and freedom.

Table Tennis Home Trainer

This here is a real and available product: spinfeel&drum.  Maybe 2022 I will put more effort in the marketing. During the long and lone time of the Joachim Dorfmüller Project - I started playing table tennis - each day at the end of work. A friend said: make a patent and a product. My Father and Family Members had most impact on the beautiful design.

That's what the Experts and Masters recommendations and advice are for me and you  : )


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 ..  I will do the Mages & Thieves